A teary farewell for veteran actor Huang Wenyong at his wake

Huang Wenyong was a friendly colleague and mentor, recall MediaCorp stars, some of them in tears, as they remembered their late colleague at his wake.

Actress Cheng Mong told RazorTV that as a senior, she was very fond of Wenyong and he was a very good actor.

She had signed on at the same time as him, in 1980. Since then, Wenyong had gone on to star in over 100 Chinese dramas and sitcoms.

She described his attitude as good and said he was very serious about his work. He was also very warm towards his friends and they got along well, so it hurt a lot when he left, she added.

Actor Chen Guo Hua said Wenyong was a very good friend and it is very upsetting that he cannot see him again.

Vincent Ng, who played Wenyong's character's son in My Mighty-in-Laws said the actor was very professional and was very willing to share.

This was echoed by May Phua and Darryl Yong who said the actor was a good mentor who told them what to look out for and gave them acting tips.

May was on the verge of tears as she spoke to the RazorTV journalist. Her first project was with Huang Wenyong, and it was her first job.

"It has been a memorable six years," she said. "I was very fortunate and very thankful because I was able to grow and learn in a very protective environment."

Veteran MediaCorp actor Huang Wenyong died on Saturday evening (April 20) in the hospital, at the age of 60. He is said to have died from lymphoma.

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Actors, audience & crew pay tribute to Huang Wenyong at Star Awards

During a segment at the beginning of the Star Awards show on April 21, actors, actresses, technical crew, audience and fans stand to honour Huang Wen Yong, who died on April 20 from lymphoma.

Huang Wenyong, at the age of 60, may be best remembered in his breakout role as Chinese migrant Ah Shui in the period drama The Awakening back in 1984.

But his appearances in over 100 dramas and sitcoms in the past three decades have left an enduring impression on Singaporeans.

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Through the years: Huang Wenyong
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