Forbes ranks K-pop's most powerful celebrities

With K-pop effectively a global phenomenon thanks to a certain horse dance, you might like to know who made it to Forbes's top 40 list of most influential K-pop artists.

Unsurprisingly, Psy unseated Girls' Generation from the top spot they had occupied for the past two years.

The list also sees a total of 16 new entrants, showing there is still room at the top for in the ranks of K-pop royalty.

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Awkward school photos of popular K-pop stars

We all went through an awkward phase growing up. With our knobby knees and unfashionable hair cuts, it's no wonder many people prefer to keep their school photos a secret.

It appears that some of these popular celebs came a long way before turning into glamorous stars they are today. Take a look at the gallery and see how much they have transformed.

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Forbes' top earning musicians of 2012

According to Forbes, rap DJ and mega-star producer Dr Dre has been crowned the top-earning musician in 2012.

Just how much did he have to make to clinch the top spot? A whooping US$110 million (S$134 million).

Country song bird Taylor Swift and Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber also made this list, along with music veterans twice and maybe even thrice their ages. This list holds a blend of artistes from rock/pop, R&B, classic rock and even world music.

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