Sex tape scandal rocks teen beauty pageant

UNITED STATES - An 18-year-old teen beauty queen winner has relinquished her title after an alleged pornographic video of her has surfaced.

Former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King submitted her resignation via an attorney on Tuesday after the sex video allegations appeared. However, she denies that the person in the adult video is her.

Supposedly shot in a hotel room, the young woman wore a purple floral dress with a white belt, and was seen sitting on the bed. At the beginning, a man off-camera casually asked her some questions about her sexual behaviour and history.

He also asked about her age and when she turned 18 years old, to which she replied "About three months ago, March". King's birthday is in March. After which, the woman also revealed that she has done beauty pageants before.

In a report by E! Online, Miss Teen USA pageant organiser Donald Trump speculated that the leak was "probably one of her friends who was jealous of her."

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S. Korean presenter makes weather sexy with see-through clothing

Meet Park Eun Ji, 29, one of S. Korea's most popular weather girls.

Her claim to fame? A fabulous figure shown through figure-hugging and translucent outfits she wears while reporting the weather forecast every day.

Her fashion sense has become so well-known that she was invited to make an appearance on Korea's version of Saturday Night Live, where she portrayed a sexy weather forecastor going all out in order to beat her co-host as the sexiest presenter.

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Hulk Hogan 'stars' in leaked sex tape

Wrestling fans might be used to seeing Hulk Hogan tackling opponents in the ring, but they got to see a different side of the wrestler after a sex tape was posted on the Internet.

The grainy black-and-white 30-minute footage shows Hogan, 59, talking to a naked woman who is lying in a four-poster bed.

The pair engage in idle chit chat before the woman performs oral sex on the wrestler. Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: Reuters, internet)