How to fend off sexual harassers on buses and trains

In tight squeezes, it can be quite easy for those with evil intentions to do bad things.

Get some tips on how you can protect yourself in these situation here.

Source: Seo Gyo-sun, The Korea Herald/Asia News Network.

He is an internationally certified Taekwondo Grand Master, judge and coach, holds a B.A. in taekwondo from Kyung Hee University

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Sexily dressed girl high-kicks knife away from suicidal woman

A teenager has been dubbed "Beautiful leg heroine" after she was caught on camera delivering a high-kick to a mentally unstable woman on the verge of suicide.

In the busy city centre in Guangzhou, a woman in her 30s was seen wielding a knife and rambling out loud about Armageddon. She was also throwing dollar notes on the ground.

Witnesses said the woman had cut herself and her hands were bleeding.

They were apprehensive about approaching the woman. But soon, a group of teenage girls came over. They started to pick up the loose notes on the ground.

One of the girls dressed in black hot pants and knee-high boots emerged from the group to hand the notes over.

Under the pretense of doing so, she suddenly let out a high-kick and knocked the knife out of the woman's grip.

The middle-aged woman was so startled by the teenage girl that she ran away.

After that, the group of girls continued to pick up the notes and left.

The whole incident was captured on camera and now people are searching for this beautiful heroine to thank her for her brave act.

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Shanghai man trips subway criminal

On the afternoon of Dec 21, a man on the subway in Shanghai aided police in capturing a criminal by simply tripping him up.

The criminal appears to be a pickpocket who stole someone's purse as they were buying a ticket.

Many people might not necessarily want to catch a criminal by wrestling to the ground, but as this man showed, sometimes all you need to do is stick out your foot be a hero.

As the criminal fled through the station, pursued by police, he ran through an intersection near an exit where the Shanghai man simply stuck out his foot and caught the criminal's shin causing him to fall.

This delayed the criminal long enough for police to catch up and arrest him.

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