Caught on camera: Woman swings baby around like ragdoll

The video of a woman swinging a baby around as if he was a toy has been circulating on Facebook, and caught the attention of a shocked Stomp reader, Maindy.

In the clip, the woman was first seen sitting beside the baby, who was lying down on a bed, before she grabbed him by the arms and flipped him back and forth continuously.

Ignoring the cries of the infant, the woman then proceeded to grab him at the ankles and twirl his body around while he hung upside down.

She also swung the baby around like a pendulum while holding onto his left arm and leg.

In the second half of the gallery, a Russian woman also shocked netizens after a similar video of her swinging a baby was posted on Youtube.

At first, the baby in the video was dismissed as being fake. However, the Russian woman, Lena Forkina, appeared in subsequent news interviews to explain that she was performing a type of yoga meant for babies. She claimed to be a 'childrearing expert'.

According to viewers' response, they said the baby was crying in the video. However, Forkina said the baby was actually laughing.

She says this yoga system has been used for over thirty years in Russia and none of the children had suffered any harm.

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Footage captures abuse of autistic child

GUANGZHOU, CHINA - A video clip showing a young girl being flung and kicked by a teaching assistant at a children's rehabilitation centre in Guangzhou, China has sparked outrage and sympathy among netizens.

The clip was first uploaded and shared by local Chinese media in Sep this year, and shows four-year-old Qiu Yaoyao (not her real name), who is reportedly autistic, being abused by the older woman after the little girl refused to cooperate during a daily exercise routine.

The woman is identified as a 30-year-old staff member of the centre, which is a day care centre that takes in autistic and disabled children to teach them life skills and independent living.

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