The downfall of David Petraeus, CIA chief

David Petraeus was a star on the battlefield, commanding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but was undone by "poor judgment" in engaging in an extramarital affair that led to his downfall as CIA director.

Just two days after his 60th birthday, Petraeus stepped down from the spy agency where he had held the top office since September 6, 2011.

It was a stunning downfall for a revered military man who was seen as one of the top American leaders of his generation and was once considered a potential contender for the White House.

- Reuters

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Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: AFP, Reuters)

Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: AFP, Reuters)

"It is at times like these that one wonders:

If there's no clash between personal interest and job interest, is it so crucial that someone has to be squeaky clean in order for him/her to perform in his/her job?

Like our local CNB Ng's case. If no corruption occurred, he can be censured for personal indiscretion. But if he can perform on his job well, is that a problem?

Another sad end to an illustrious career. "

-- bats4ever

"National security, trade secrets, etc are the issues. They could be blackmailed by spy, sexpionage. "

- maipenrai

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