Bikini babes wash luxury cars

For its opening day on May 7, a parking garage in Shanghai offered a car wash service done by "hot girls" clad in bikinis and stiletto heels.

Many luxury cars flooded the garage along Xietu Road for a taste of this special service.

Photos of the car wash circulated on many sites and forums, and is much discussed.

Some asked if other types of vehicles and non-luxury cars can be sent for the car wash service.

While others questioned the difference between this and prostitution. One netizen on NetEase posted a comment, saying in Chinese: "Brothers, show some integrity".

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152 beach-goers help break group shower Guiness World Record
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Miss Singapore World 2012

The organiser of Miss Singapore World is employing a controversial new strategy - only pan-Asian looking women need apply.

A spokesman for the organiser said: "In the past, we sent girls who were really tall, really fair, had really dark hair, and who answered questions well. But the formula hasn't worked.

Said the spokesman: "Apart from picking girls with pan-Asian features, we will have their hair lightened, their skin tanned, and they will also wear contact lenses to lighten their eye colour for the rest of the competition."

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