DIY gun factories in the Philippines

In a small city in the picturesque and historic province of Cebu in the Philippines, scrap metal, either scavenged or bought from junkyards, is never wasted.

Instead, gunsmiths working out of home workshops in Danao transform these scraps into weapons. The gunmaking industry in Danao dates back to before World War II, with the underground activity helping to support the guerillas fight against Japanese soldiers.

Now, weapons such as M4s, 1911 pistols, Ingrams, armalites and Uzi sub-machine guns are made, often with hand tools alone.

According to specialist military website KitUp, despite derogatory terms - such as paltik which means copied or not quite reliable - used to describe these DIY weapons, many are actually 'quite impressive'.

Asahi Shimbun reports that it can take three people a week to make a .45 caliber automatic pistol.

It reports that these guns may be sold to private citizens, local politicians, and even some police officers.

True to Filipino character, these workshops have gone beyond imitation and have ventured into innovating these weapons.

An example of this, reported the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, is a mini-Ingram. A submachine gun smaller than the actual Ingram, PCIJ reports that it is more lethal than its big brother, able to spit out 18 to 20 9-mm bullets in a second despite its 'cute and harmless' appearance.

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