Frankly, app developers were obviously not supposed to think about the battery at all. But you care and so do we, for a very simple reason - power efficiency is part of mobile security.-The Daily...

Urban picks 30 limited-edition Christmas beauty treats to lavish on your loved ones - or yourself. -Urban, ST

Pop music’s leading ladies Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande gave high-octane performances at the American Music Awards on Nov 24.

Residents of Block 612 at Elias Road claim Mr Liew Chien Siong, 33, is responsible for round-the-clock noise, leaving items dangling dangerously outside his flat and assaulting a neighbour's son.

A woman was caught on video smacking her daughter and prodding her head repeatedly, while shouting at her in Korean in public at a bus stop.

The Mayflower Primary School vice head prefect and member of the infocomm club had tuition three times a week.

Red and yellow foliage is seen around Singapore as trees start to shed.

The suitcase will contain a medallion, a shawl, a baby sling, a set of baby clothes, a diaper bag, a scrapbook, a photoframe and a set of baby books.

In addition to the music that Sundown Festival is renowned for, attendees were also able to try street food from other Asian countries. -AsiaOne

The Paris Fluvial Brigade retrieves a grotesque stone head, known as "Mascaron", from the Seine river on November 20, 2014.