With the wind howling in the distance, the approaching typhoon was on the back of our minds. Would the ride still be able to go ahead?

Organised by Star Cruises, the fly and cruise trip was to cover Taiwan's Taipei as well as Japan's Ishigaki and Naha.

Buangkok residents unhappy with AVA officers trying to trap stray dogs in their estate, leading to confrontation.

40 of us took off from Singapore for a 3-day cycling adventure in Sep 2014.

Joko Widodo was in Singapore on Friday to attend his youngest son's graduation at ACS International.

Japan's military is wooing new recruits with images of smiling soldiers posing like pop stars in a series of photo books and DVDs that tap into youth culture. -Reuters

Don't believe all that you read out there. HEY! gets NTU experts to weigh in on four beauty and skincare myths.

The incident occurred last year at a top primary school in the east.

A former Malaysian diplomat in New Zealand accused of sexual assault denied the charge and elected a trial by jury when he appeared in court Friday.

Taylor Lianne Chandler wrote a long post on her Facebook page on Nov 14 in which she revealed that she was "born intersex and named David Roy Fitch" at birth.