A traffic officer got 'mauled' and dragged along by a businessman while the latter was still in his Maserati. -AFP

Former Singapore goalkeeper Ahmad Wartam, the father of Fandi Ahmad, died on Saturday morning.

The first seven photos are the top seven scams in Singapore while the rest are commonly reported scams to look out for and guard against.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson hopped onto an MRT train to his meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday, during a visit to Singapore.

Tan Tee Wee, 48, married in Singapore in 1998, then again in New Zealand in 2010.

Lovers and singles alike embraced the day.

The Halloween edition of The Butter Factory.

Clubbers flaunt their pretty faces and funky outfits.

Thousands of pro-democracy activists clashed with police in running scuffles in Hong Kong's gritty Mong Kok district early on Saturday.

He's married with 3 kids, but weds another woman in New Zealand.