Naughty clubbers "reported" for detention at the 61st level of 1-Altitude for Altimate's Envy: Detention party.

Digital Life turns travel planner to bring you all the handy hardware and software you need for your shopping holiday, hiking getaway or business trip. -ST

A Chinese zoo has unveiled newborn panda triplets billed as the world's first known surviving trio.

Tens of thousands of people fled roof-high floods and one girl drowned in the Philippine capital on Friday as another vicious storm swept across the disaster-plagued country.

The naked bodies of two British tourists were found beaten to death on a Thai beach Monday, police said, sparking a murder hunt on the popular resort island of Koh Tao.

About 50 Singaporeans started to line up to get preferred seats an hour before the screening of a documentary film on Singapore's political exiles which cannot be shown in public or distributed...

Asia's top athletes compete in 36 sports at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games which opens on September 19.

Fast men of the sport zip across the island for a flurry of promotional activities.

88 parking lots across Singapore have been transformed into 52 creative and fun spaces on Friday.

Singaporean singer Jocie Kok suffered for years sharing same Chinese name as notorious blogger.