Bikini babes light up the dance floor with their sexy moves at ILLUMI NATION.

Clubbers got to be heroes for a night at the Damsel Abduction party.

A student fatally shot one classmate and wounded four others when he opened fire in the cafeteria of his Washington state high school on October 24, 2014.

Shane Pow's passionate car sex scene with actress Seraph Sun leads to end of five-year relationship with his girlfriend.

The flat was packed to the brim with so much junk that Tony Seah had to climb over little "hills" of items just to get to the kitchen.

With his unkempt hair and fresh-face, Francisco Nicolas Gomez Iglesias - better known as "Little Nicholas" - had an entire Hispanophone fascinated by his legendary exploits. -AsiaOne

Singapore president Tony Tan visits Buckingham Palace for the first time with wife, Mary Chee.

Heineken Green Room 2014 took place at Mediapolis@One-North's Infinite Studios on Oct 17 and drew a crowd of 1,500.

Little monsters and super heroes ran amok at River Safari's first trick-or-treat event, Safari Boo, to celebrate the American holiday of Halloween.

She beats him till the handle of the umbrella breaks as passengers watch in horror. -Stomp