14 people were injured, including one hurt seriously, The Straits Times quoted reports as saying.

The new library@orchard at Orchard Gateway carries the largest public library collection on design and applied arts.

The 45-year-old actress said she is glad folks think she looks different and attributes a peaceful lifestyle for the change.

From celebrities to the man on the street, Singaporeans are telling life stories in memoirs. -ST

A video of a woman abusing a young child for close to 5 minutes has gone viral online, sparking outrage among netizens for the overzealous punishment.

Woman finds elderly neighbour's daughter, Miss Cheng Ah Moy, 55, dead on the mattress where she usually slept.

In an adorable video on YouTube, a zookeeper in China tries to feed two pandas their medication with great effort as they crawl and climb all over him. -Stomp

Kate made her first public appearance since her pregnancy was announced, after recovering from a severe bout of morning sickness.

Visitors to the museum can get up-close and personal with local and international celebs, and even royalty.

Clubbers indulged in tequila and danced the night away at Altimates' Ooh Lá Lá-Indulgence In The Sky: Viva la Fiesta.