'Chibatman' has been delivering smiles throughout Chiba, east of Tokyo, for the past three years.

The video of a Singaporean wife confronting her husband and his alleged mistress, a study mama, has gone viral. And it has aroused latent feelings of hostility.

Upon police arrival, a man in his 60s was found motionless at the said location.

A black and white pig has become something of the "Babe" of Nanchang due to its "outgoing" demeanor.

Four people were arrested after a bomb was found in a van parked at Manila's international airport, authorities said on Monday.

Kong Hee, who's accused of criminal breach of trust together with 5 others from his church, has tried to smile for the camera almost every time he's in the spotlight.

He carried out the attack "because he couldn't enrol his child" at the school, local broadcaster Shiyan Television said on its verified account on Sina Weibo.

He was electrocuted by a faulty electric socket connected to the bathroom's water heater.

Word of the images began spreading early on Sunday, amid reports that the photos had been obtained by hacking iCloud accounts, Mashable and other media outlets reported -AFP

Mr Marcus Png's talented fingers walked him to the top spot in the first Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' Competition Singapore 2013. -TNP