Internet sensation Breanna Youn is adored by people all over the world, and has been flown across the globe and showered with gifts from luxury brands. -TNP

Besides having a young lead awakening to his destiny, young-adult novels are cheap to turn into films, making them a growing favourite in Hollywood.

Eight dogs, including toy poodles and golden retrievers, had the chance to play with 40 stressed undergraduates from NUS.

She says she was slapped on the face by an employee who also used an umbrella to hit her. But the employee says the customer was the one who hit her.

A snowstorm dumped more than five feet around the Buffalo area, which could be hit by the equivalent of a year's worth of snow in just two days.

Danish fashion designer Charlotte Eskildsen is still relatively unknown in Singapore, but she has been quietly making waves here with her brand, Designers Remix. -Urban, ST

Hands and lips are two areas that are often neglected in the skincare routine. -Urban, ST

Maria Jose Alvarado disappeared with her sister 6 days ago after a party, sparking an exhaustive search.

Police deployed water cannon and a baton charge in storming the hermitage of a self-styled religious leader who is facing murder charges, discovering six bodies in an operation to evacuate thousands...