Like all professional fraudsters, Gomez went to great lengths to pull off his elaborate stunts. -AsiaOne

With his unkempt hair and fresh-face, Francisco Nicolas Gomez Iglesias - better known as "Little Nicholas" - had an entire Hispanophone fascinated by his legendary exploits. -AsiaOne

Singapore president Tony Tan visits Buckingham Palace for the first time with wife, Mary Chee.

Heineken Green Room 2014 took place at Mediapolis@One-North's Infinite Studios on Oct 17 and drew a crowd of 1,500.

Little monsters and super heroes ran amok at River Safari's first trick-or-treat event, Safari Boo, to celebrate the American holiday of Halloween.

She beats him till the handle of the umbrella breaks as passengers watch in horror. -Stomp

Halloween pranks never seem to end and this year, video crew F.O.M.O Productions scores with their scary dead girl prank. -Stomp

Ikea Singapore's newest advertisement about their late night shopping pays homage to the classic horror film "The Shining". -Stomp

Japanese group Perfume could help J-pop fight back the Hallyu Wave, thanks to their innovative and spectacular shows. -TNP

A teenager was left injured on Thursday afternoon after a fire erupted in a housing board flat in Hougang.