People offer bananas to elephant Sambo during a farewell ceremony in Phnom Penh after the popular icon at a temple has been providing rides to visitors for many years.

Yu Wanli, then an associate professor at the School of International Studies, was accused of having sex with the woman, named Wang Jing, and getting her pregnant. -China Daily/ANN

In celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday next year, Singaporeans are asked to create a collective map of places that define Singapore as home.

A fight broke out among a group of Filipino men and women at *Scape in Orchard Road, with a woman needing to be restrained after lashing out at several people -Stomp

Frankly, app developers were obviously not supposed to think about the battery at all. But you care and so do we, for a very simple reason - power efficiency is part of mobile security.-The Daily...

Urban picks 30 limited-edition Christmas beauty treats to lavish on your loved ones - or yourself. -Urban, ST

Pop music’s leading ladies Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande gave high-octane performances at the American Music Awards on Nov 24.

Residents of Block 612 at Elias Road claim Mr Liew Chien Siong, 33, is responsible for round-the-clock noise, leaving items dangling dangerously outside his flat and assaulting a neighbour's son.

A woman was caught on video smacking her daughter and prodding her head repeatedly, while shouting at her in Korean in public at a bus stop.

The Mayflower Primary School vice head prefect and member of the infocomm club had tuition three times a week.