The 34-year-old used to make a living dancing with the Korean National Ballet Company. She moved here with her husband seven years ago. -TNP

A man stabbed both his wife and her lover in the chest multiple times after catching them in the act in a car. -TNP

Besides stirring heated debate, the act has resulted in three officials of the hospital removed from their posts by the city's health bureau.

Customs officers took away 14 boxes of designer handbags and shoes after a woman failed to pay GST for them,

From paradigm shifts in policymaking to protests in Hong Lim Park, there was plenty for politicians, analysts and residents alike to chew on in Singapore's political scene in 2014. -ST

The SAF said civilian contractors are put through stringent security checks before they are appointed, to ensure operational security is not compromised. -ST

Local bloggers lose followers but welcome clean-up.

Fully dressed in wedding garb, Huang Yue held a bouquet of roses in her hands and showed up to surprise her boyfriend, leaving him at a complete loss for words.

Families of victims agreed to halt the search due to rainy weather and the threat of more landslides.