Campers find calm within from Zen Buddhism in Lushan Mountain, where they lead a cloistered life for about a week.

Two men have been nabbed for alleged animal cruelty after a video clip showing one man putting a poodle inside a washing machine went viral

At least five people are killed in the restaurant gas explosion and more than a dozen were injured, state media reported.

You can count on Taiwanese band Mayday to wind up the crowd when the racing winds down.

Video footage showed the two kissing in Wong's Beijing apartment where she lived since her divorce with her second husband. -AsiaOne

Clubbers party with a twist as they pop 300 balloons for prizes and pranks.

Take a look at what was presented during the New York Fashion Week.

Naughty clubbers "reported" for detention at the 61st level of 1-Altitude for Altimate's Envy: Detention party.

Digital Life turns travel planner to bring you all the handy hardware and software you need for your shopping holiday, hiking getaway or business trip. -ST

A Chinese zoo has unveiled newborn panda triplets billed as the world's first known surviving trio.