Dai Ruixue, 22, an engineering major in a junior college in Central China’s Wuhan, who was recently dubbed “The Person of the Year 2014” in the school and “Smile Goddess” among students, faces a life...

The phablet's superb handling, thinner and lighter build, and flush camera module shows that Xiaomi's design and engineering team is already at a world class level.

A Chinese man chooses to bring his disease stricken girlfriend on a three year trip on her wheelchair.

The cuter, fluffier creature makes it to festive fare despite the goat being the animal in the Chinese zodiac. -ST

The girl aged between 12 and 14 years old helped carry out the theft of a diamond necklace worth more than $6.24 million from a luxury jewellery store. -AFP

The two sides are currently in a legal dispute, with Polaris filing a criminal suit against Clara for threatening the agency, and Clara having filed a civil counter, based on a sexual harassment...

After decades of campaigning, animal rights activists hope US officials will include the orca on a list of endangered whales that frequent the waters where she was captured, off Washington state.

A top forensic scientist in the US, Mohammad Tahir, who uncovered evidence that helped jail boxer Mike Tyson for rape and convict serial killer John Wayne Gacy, helped set up the Punjab Forensic...

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo acknowledged that the mask of King Tutankhamun had been crudely glued back together after being damaged.