The three-time Best Actress winner quit acting in 2008 to look after her three children.

Four youths in Malaysia were arrested after allegedly attacking a customer in a 24-hour convenience store over a two-year-old dispute.

A curious crowd of more than 800 people gathered on Sunday morning for the first-ever "I Want To Touch A Dog" event at the One Utama shopping complex.

It is not known how serious the injuries were but all 22 received medical treatment when the plane landed.

The rally reflects surging discontent over Beijing's insistence that it vet candidates before a vote in 2017 for the semi-autonomous city's next leader.

Cecilia Cheung accepted a radio interview lately and listed down the criteria for her future boyfriend.

Theresa finished with a time of 2:16.19, clinching the bronze medal.

The awards ceremony, on the eve of the closing day of the festival, saw the top prize awarded to Andrei Zvyagintsev's harrowing drama assailing abuse of power in today's Russia.

The counties are assessed by indicators such as the excellence in urban planning and design, maintenance of ancient sites, rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature scenery.

Let's take look at the most popular overseas destinations for Chinese tourists.