The cake consisted of the Boxing Day baby's favourite food such as salmon, blueberries, watermelon and strawberries topped with whipped cream. -AsiaOne

The Chiang Mai Damrong Dhama Centre is looking into a complaint against the use of mountains of refined salt for the "Nimman Snow Festival" and will see if the event should be cancelled. -...

The top 10 most popular female celebrities of 2014 have been revealed. Some of the most searched-for celebrities include Jennifer Lawrence and Singapore's very own Fann Wong. -AsiaOne

The leaders took the opportunity to discuss the growing and warming relationship between the US and Malaysia.

Even after a decade, survivors of the 2004 Tsunami are still reeling from the shock. Here's a look at the memorials happening all over Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand today.

Roger Kwok and Charmaine Sheh was named TVB "King" and "Queen" at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards. Here are the other actors and actresses to have won the accolade. -AsiaOne

Watch out for more than 20 local films, from the Golden Jubilee-themed to a sex comedy. -ST

BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville posted a funny video of himself laughing uncontrollably while doing a report next to a burning pile of opium and other narcotics. -Stomp

Traffic ground to a halt on a Hong Kong highway as drivers and pedestrians rushed to make a grab for hundreds of banknotes that had spilled out of an armoured van. -AFP