Jordan did not say why the plane crashed, but both the jihadists and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was shot with an anti-aircraft missile.

These teenagers probably didn’t expect their prom night - probably the biggest night for any teenager - to end up on the internet like this.

Group watching is common in China, as there are always people filled with curiosity, regardless of their age.

Bicycles are no longer just a piece of sports utility to keep fit.

Glamourous guests dressed up to the nines at the prestigious event, where they mingled with one another.

6 others were injured from the accident and sent for treatment.

Moaning, who also choreographed Beyonce's Freakum Dress, Suga Mama and Get Me Bodied music videos, speaks of the pop diva fondly. -Urban, ST

Reuters photojournalist David Gray writes a first-person account of his time with Aboriginal Australians in the country's 'Top End'. -TNP

Here are the 10 most overpaid Hollywood actors with Adam Sandler topping the Forbes list for a second consecutive year.

Christmas lights are on display from Boon Lay to Orchard Road, setting the joyous mood this festive season.